Welcome to Sachin Sarjerao Jadhav`s & other photographer`s photography page.

I am not a professional but passionate photographer with imaginative and artistic mind.

As per me, "To a photographer the device, equipment's, location, color, light or any other factors doesn`t matter; what actually matters and required is the different view, observation & imagination."

A real photographer actually begins his photography first with; eyes, mind and brain with which he/she imagines and captures a photograph in his mind and then further it is achieved through the actual camera. That means to become a great photographer; one must possess an exceptional view, robust imagination, and then essential technical knowledge of the device that will be used for photography.
Here I have also provided a gallery to the photographs of other photographers.

What I Do

By profession and to feed myself I work in a IT company besides that I love travelling, capturing and eating.
I am very thankful to Servenergy ITC to allow me continue my passion along with work.
The flexible working hours, encouragement and funding by Servenergy ITC is the real energy behind my beloved photography.


Who I Am

My name is Sachin Sarjerao Jadhav, I am from Kolhapur currently working for Servenergy ITC in Pune. I am working as a Head of Pune office for Servenergy ITC Pvt Ltd, and besides this I do photography as a hobby. I am beginner in photography and always look around for more knowledge from expertise in this field.


My Work

My photography is never a subject oriented work, whenever I feel I click that`s what I am. But yes we can later classify my photography in various categories. Some of them are as below,

Other Photographers work

As like me there are lot of other passionate photographers around us who don`t get proper platform for there work, here I am providing a space for such photographers to present their work.

Say Hello.

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